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When I was a little girl growing up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa I had a lot of questions.  Tons of them.  Some of them were in the ‘why can’t I” category, of course, while others were in the “why does this happen” category. And others were simply in the “why did you do it that way” category.  When I was younger, most often my  amazing mother would look me in the eye and confidently say, “hmmmmm…..well….Marni….because Y is a crooked letter.”
I gotta admit that left me dumbfounded for a lot of years.  After all, what the hell do you say to that? I mean, sure, the letter ‘y’ is crooked.  So of course, as would most anyone under the age of 10, I simply become distracted by what the heck she meant and would wonder off feeling like I had an answer that I had to dissect and understand.  It was brilliant —  until I hit 11 years old.  And then, the ‘because Y is a crooked letter’ answer came to simply mean ‘no.’  Which was then followed by her next response…
It would go like this…
‘why can’t I….
‘because Y is a crooked letter’
but WHY can’t I?  WHY?
“because….. I said so.”
Now that I am the parent of three daughters, I love the complexity and the simplicity of what she taught me.  I alos love that my dad is the one who first heard the “because Y is a crooked letter” response when he was a boy growing up in Great Neck Long Island.  
The thing is, I love stories. And, I love questions.  
I love simplicity and the complexities behind it. 
And I love to write.  
This blog is a place for me to write. To question. To answer.  To share.  To reflect. And to connect people I love to what my parents taught me…what their parents taught them…
and to teach my children who I am and who we are as a divorced, blended remarried, Greek, Jewish, British, Australian, French, and South American family that we have become.  
And all the while, I hope to learn even greater lessons for myself.
Marni Battista, MAEd, CPC

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“Don’t let fear get in the way of your biggest dreams, even if your biggest dream IS your biggest fear.” 

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